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Studying in order to Write Perfect HTML , CSS and Javascript

Despite the 12 years of experience and the at least frameworks + templates – websites that have been created the w3c schools have a full guide of 1000 modules each for you to study gain your certificate and learn how to write perfect HTML & CSS , Javascript without having to repeat yourself avoid bloated code and write nice and clean code that will be reusable :). Planning to start swimming sessions too. Also it is time to prepare for our tonight walk and maybe go and eat a nice hamburger in the town.

Visiting a gallery with classmates

Today we will be visiting a gallery exhibition of artists together with our classmates from our language course. Interesting topics to discuss and will be viewing some nice portraits and paintings. It will definitely be a nice experience and a chance to make new friends.

Vocabulary test Passed. Working till late in the office

The mark of the test was 21 out of 36. More preparation needs to be made

Time to study for tomorrow’s test

Quite behind with homeworks and lessons and need to speed up a bit as we have a test for sunday…

Beautiful style guides

A nice colour palette and style guides including button packs and forms. Framework Style Guides

Happy coding UI Twitter Theme

Here is a nice template built in html5,css3 for old traditional twitter using a PSD Design by Ryan o Hicks. Clean code and free to use, responsive and easy to reskin. Because our work is to paint them and build them 🙂 instead of using them : Twitter template

Polish forest website template

Created a nice template for WordPress for a polish village:    

Coding Under the morning sun

Coding under the morning sun for 20 hours (at least trying too)…. Cleaning up bloated code, tidying up files, selecting and tidying up our folders, writing jquery and trying to study a bit for the Sunday course which will probably have to move on for next Sunday as everything has to be clean and neat soon…. As front end is now a passion and love all we can say is that it is super hard to write css on existing html that is already there and styles having to do inspect element each time and code the values that you want to change. Writing your own code is much easier and quicker plus it gives you the freedom to create Pixel Perfect Results. However if […]

CSS Debugging and Sections creation. Productization VIA SCSS

Ready to modularize our CSS Framework code into SCSS

Cleaning up bloated code…..

As our framework at work is almost done but needs to be remarkably easy to use and change by the rest of the team we need to do so some cleanup work spending hours and hours search and removing unnecessary stuff

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