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CSS Debugging and Sections creation

Cleaning up code and creating UI_ sections for CSS so colleagues can work easier to our new responsive intranet framework we created for our clients. Also making a plan of what places of London are to be visited within the next days… See you soon….

Cleaning up bloated code…..

As our framework at work is almost done but needs to be remarkably easy to use and change by the rest of the team we need to do so some cleanup work spending hours and hours search and removing unnecessary stuff

Creating a nice responsive table with html & css

Start by adding standard html code using tables tr td and th elements simple as you would do in a standard HTML 4.01 . Make sure there are no fixced widths in your table columns. Then simply set your media query for mobile devices for example @media only screen and (max-width:767px) and and an overflow:auto do that your table scrolls nicely. Here is the final result: Responsive Tables Layout

Staying late in the office

As we have to finish a deadline for our client we must work on our best don’t we? Weekend is ahead though

Working on Projects Deadlines

Had a really big deadline and had to finish a website for a client which goes live on Monday. Had to stay in the office until the next day and leave in the afternoon. After this a nice night out for a glass of wine.

Nice Sunday walk and visit the Gallery

After a long week at work and new language second lesson decided to go to the National Gallery Again. Can’t stop staring at the portraits.

Painting with colour pencils is not an easy job…

Painting a sketch is not an easy job. Even if using colour pencils it is extremely hard top achieve correct gradients and colour tones. Proof that painting is not fun… Its science. Well here is the final result..

Study HTML & CSS. Do some form tutorials

Its time to revise ourselves :). Bought online 2 nice books The CSS anthology which has 9 chapters with nice CSS layouts examples for practise and the Mastering HTML 4.0 book. Although both quite out of date they are very good as they give the Fundamentals to get an 100% understanding of ho HTML and CSS can be written 100% CORRECTLY. Every front end developer MUST read those two books as they will be the basis for future study.It is a bit difficult to go from 1 to 5 isn’t it? Looking forward now reading and revising the HTML 4.0 book. Surprisingly by reading the CSS Anthology book found out a trick of how to make a fully responsive liquid 2 columns layout having the […]

It’s sketching time :). Come and join us

It is time to start making drawing and sketches. Would you like to participate with us? 🙂 If yes please complete the comments form, bellow and we will come back to you . Please include your email , your telephone number is not required

Language Exchange

Looking for a friend to do some language exchange together and improve english

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