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Visiting the Royal Air Force Museum


Went for a drink in Bank

Just went for a relaxing drink after in Bank and met some new interesting friends. Hope we catch up again soon.

Language certificate (beginner level) achieved

The exam included a written vocabulary and grammar test and a speaking introduction plus 10 questions. Having achieved a 99% result , it is now confirmed that the third Asian foreign language is spoken officially now.

It has been a long time….

It’s been a long time we are away from the blog….. Studying, working and trying to find activities to make new friends. Swimming sessions and cooking lessons are two of those. Also achieved to receive W3C HTML5, CSS Certificates with a 87% percentage. Here you can view those certificates Next plan is to achieve bootstrap and JavaScript qualifications and develop work skills in Angular and Vue.js

Creating a custom php responsive website

Creating a custom php responsive website for a client: http://www.triena.gr 

Visiting London ZSL Zoo for 6th tiime :)

Amazing walk today on the zoo seeing the animals 🙂

Custom Checkboxes + Nice Login Forms

Once again after work have been studying and practising some exercises for creating some nice login forms and custom check boxes using colleague Bibek’s tutorials published on you tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxU3aCTcV7g Again remember to write the code from the begging to understand exactly how it works. Here is a written version of Bibek’s code. His code is nice and clean and it can be reused to customise the check boxes or even for bigger projects (say an admin panel). In general his tutorials are personally strongly recommended for beginners to do practise and do some nice exercises. After all his personal help to simplify code at much bigger projects also has been proved very helpful and productive. The code is written using Bibek’s video tutorial […]

Nice walk to Greenwich Park

On Saturday went into Greenwich Park and seen the cherry blossom trees. Will be going next Saturday definitely and also will be visiting the Zoo.

Studying in order to Write Perfect HTML , CSS and Javascript

Despite the 12 years of experience and the at least frameworks + templates – websites that have been created the w3c schools have a full guide of 1000 modules each for you to study gain your certificate and learn how to write perfect HTML & CSS , Javascript without having to repeat yourself avoid bloated code and write nice and clean code that will be reusable :). Planning to start swimming sessions too. Also it is time to prepare for our tonight walk and maybe go and eat a nice hamburger in the town.

Visiting a gallery with classmates

Today we will be visiting a gallery exhibition of artists together with our classmates from our language course. Interesting topics to discuss and will be viewing some nice portraits and paintings. It will definitely be a nice experience and a chance to make new friends.

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