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Tutorial 9. React Based Clone of Azure

A nice clone of Homepage portal.azure.com using React, html and css Demo  

Tutorial 9. React Router

Coming Soon….

Tutorial 8. WhatsApp Clone using CSS Flexbox

WhatsApp Clone using CSS Flexbox. Enjoy :). Demo here

Tutorial 7. React Ant design with SCSS

Starter template: www.dimpa.eu/antdesign

Tutorial 6. Creating a nice react food recipe search app

Please click here to view demo.

Tutorial 5. Nice HTML CSS registration forms

Please click here to view demo.

Tutorial 4. Creating a Health Specialist Search Template Using SCSS

Using the same structure without bootstrap we create a nice template using a sliding mobile responsive megamenu: Link: http://works.dimpa.eu/ergasies/plug/

Tutorial 3. Creating a nice University Web Template Using SCSS

Using the same nice scss structure on the first tutorial we have created a simple and net responsive bootstrap 4 template for University. Link: http://works.dimpa.eu/ergasies/university/ Github to download code: https://github.com/dimi9999/Bootstrap-SCSS-Project

Tutorial 2. Creating a nice T-Shirt stamps shop Using SCSS & Woocommerce

Downloaded woocommerce and setup a small demo online shop, using technologies, css3, sass, html5 and jquery. The philosophy is to use the OOTB woocommerce code and simply reskin the template using css or scss so that it can work with updates. There is a lot of documentation here https://docs.woocommerce.com/. Here is the template created so you can get an idea: Woocommerce Clothes Demo Shop.

Tutorial 1. Google Home Page Using Flexbox & SCSS

The basic philosophy is to use flex-box in headers and an internal container to style the form. Also in this tutorial we will be using a basic sass structure using typography , mix-ins, UI Fabric and a custom style. By combining them all together we can then re-use lots of our CSS code from mix-ins by adding the @include command. For writing nice and neat sass code I got an idea from a really great colleague , Bibek , who I would like to thank and he does some nice tutorials on YouTube. Search for “code with Bibek” in YouTube to get an idea of his simple and neat work. For the compilation we used Koala application. View and download code here: Google Home Page […]

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